Treneti Brown

Vocalist, Bassist, Intuitive Musician

Treneti is a vocalist, lyricist, bassist, producer, and visionary. Her artistry is multi-dimensional and keeps the evolutionary journey of human consciousness as a central inquisition in the creative process. When she is not creating music and playing shows, she is working with clients one-on-one and in group courses to facilitate the rediscovery of authentic expression. With dance as the foundation of her visionary art, career movement always plays a primary role in her expression of sound.

In addition to creating and sharing her own artistic offerings, Treneti is the CEO and Founding Visionary of Soulful Resonance-- a mother tree organization centralized in regenerative arts, education and entertainment. Treneti nurtures other multi-dimensional artists & intuitive intelligence educators to embody their gifts and step into the power of their voices as influential instruments of change.



Born and raised in inner-city Chicago, Treneti is a living embodiment that a lotus can be grown between the cracks of broken homes and concrete streets. Treneti's first path of artistic soul expression was professional dance: she choreographed, performed and taught movement from 11 to 27 years old. She studied dance at Columbia College Chicago and afterwards went on to develop her own technique of somatic, sonic, and psychic awareness for holistic healing called Geometric Configuration Technique, which she now integrates into her mentorship programs in the Solaris Voice Academy. To Treneti, music and dance are not separate- they have and always will be one movement. Treneti creates music for the body, mind, and spirit with dance always in mind and views her soul expression as a contribution to the reunification of the forms.

Treneti is an international touring artist and has been blessed with the opportunity to share her soul expressions in many transformational music festivals in North and Central America. Music began to rise to the forefront of Treneti's expression in late 2016 at the beginning of her Saturn Return. She received the call from The Divine to let go of her old identity and to step on the path of her Soul's mission fully and share the sacred songs she had been receiving from deep within.

Her musical awakening was an intuitive journey of sacred remembrance, soul retrieval, and deep healing of emotional trauma. Like a phoenix she rose into her power, learning her voice and her instruments, by spending her time in the forest merging with the Earth, listening to the frequencies of the land, studying the fractals of the plants and then mimicking them with her vocal chords and in sonic patterns on her bass. Treneti's journey has felt nothing but divinely orchestrated and the miracles continue to flow, opening doors to allow this music to touch more and more hearts each day.