1. Lungs Tongues

From the recording A Fertile Nile

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Lungs Tongues

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Artist: Treneti
Composer/producer: Brittany Lauren Shree Brown
Mixing and Mastering Engineer: Mitchel Slade
Publishing: TrenStar Productions
Record Label: Primoridal Sound Archives LLC
One-Stop 200%
Contact: 503-857-8522 primordialsoundarchives@protonmail.com
Genre: Experimental Electronic, Alternative cinematic


You sip the air
From crown to atlas
Hearts beat
Limbs find patterns
Intricately intertwine

Lungs and Tongues
Lungs and Tongues

Hearts beating
Limbs intertwined

You send me waves
You send waves
Seismic waves
The Earth she quivers
And mountains release from my spine
You reach caves in inside of me
I couldn't see before we
Explored them together
You send waves

Send me waves

When its all said
And its all done
We will already
Be so far past
We won.