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About the artist

Treneti is a vocalist, bassist and intuitive musician.  Solo she creates groovy realm weaving tapestries of live electronic cosmic soul music. With her ensemble she creates sophisticated drum & bass forward music. Her sound is a blend of  Avant Garde Jazz/Soul music with world and gospel influences.


Me and my musical posses always feel gratefully blessed to share space with community. Here are some exciting events on the horizon! Not seeing a show in your area but want to? Send us a message, we love to hear suggestions of locations to book concerts and sound journeys in the future!

Living in Fullness


The first of several activation's I will be privately releasing. This activation reprograms the mind for wealth consciousness, seeing yourself in your fullness will bring the embodied version of that reality to you. Think of your dreams as if you are already living them and it will be so.

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Soul Scapes

From deep in the landscapes of my mind space, rise meandering musings of somewhat prolific and continuously inspiring playgrounds of words, unfold on the pages of this blog for you.