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The Provider


I received this transmission through the Earth mama Gaia last night (8.27.19) This is the message she gave me as I tuned into all that is healing in the collective through the fires in the Amazon; We are able send energy to nourish the shift and bring the waters back when we pray from the space of our orgasmic bliss not from the space of suffering. Let this transmission dance into your energy field with headphones of nice speakers so you can enjoy the full effect of the codes. This transmission creates a seamless spherical loop of trance when played on repeat neither begins nor ends it has no edges only curves just like The Mother. Enjoy.

Mantra: "Gaia You Are My Provider"

Loving blessings from Treneti Music Production, Composition and Vocal Transmission by Treneti

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Deeply Rooted

Treneti Brown-vocalist, bassist, intuitive musician. Treneti’s path of awakening the muse within came from much time spent alone in the woods learning to play bass and sing by listening to the vibrations of the plants and meditating with the stars.  Her musical messages come from a deep connection with the Earth and the Cosmos, she is a rainbow bridge. Treneti brings interdimensional art house soul music that pulls up the primordial rhythms the Earth and down the celestial tones of the cosmos anchoring them both right in the center of the heart.


Me and my musical posses always feel gratefully blessed to share space with community. Here are some exciting events on the horizon! Not seeing a show in your area but want to? Send us a message, we love to hear suggestions of locations to book concerts and sound journeys in the future!

Soul Scapes

From deep in the landscapes of my mind space, rise meandering musings of somewhat prolific and continuously inspiring playgrounds of words, unfold on the pages of this blog for you.