1. Black Mirror

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Black Mirror

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Engineers: Treneti and Vintage Lion
Copyright: 2022 Primordial Sound Archives LLC
Artist: Treneti
Keywords: Experimental Electronic, Light Drum & Bass, Wave, Moody, Dark, Experimental, cinematic, gaming music
ISRC: QM3BD2210126
Composer/producer: Brittany Lauren Shree Brown
Performer: Treneti
Album: Black Mirror
Genre: Experimental Electronic, Light Drum & Bass, Wave
Contact: 503-857-8522 primordialsoundarchives@protonmail.com
Mixing and Mastering Engineer: Mitchel Slade
Publishing: TrenStar Productions
Record Label: Primoridal Sound Archives LLC
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I lost myself again
Looking at the hall of mirrors
In my hand
Who am I
Who are you
What do we do

Over and Over
And End Send

What about who we be
And the soil beneath our feet
Feel her trembling

Black Mirror
Echoing my past tense
I’m not here anyway
A glimpse of a ghost of you
A glimpse of a ghost of truth
Black Mirror