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Summation of Love

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Artist: Treneti
Composer/producer: Brittany Lauren Shree Brown
Contact: 503-857-8522
Mixing and Mastering Engineer: Mitchel Slade
Contact: (Insert your contact info)
Publishing: TrenStar Productions
Record Label: Primoridal Sound Archives LLC
One-Stop 200%
Genre: Alternative Indie/Electronic Dance


Fragile vessel made of clay
Mighty is your ego
One of a billion
But you don’t need no people
Time and time again
You climb to gain
Intending to make what?
You can’t take it with you
All that matters in the end is
The summation of love
You bring through

Accumulate the love
Accumulate the love love
Accumulate the love
Accumulate the love love

This is Matter
Embrace me
Before I cease to animate
This clay
Send me back to the sands of time
This is Matter