1. Take Heart

From the recording A Fertile Nile

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Take Heart

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Artist: Treneti
Composer/producer: Brittany Lauren Shree Brown
Mixing and Mastering Engineer: Mitchel Slade
Publishing: TrenStar Productions
Record Label: Primoridal Sound Archives LLC
One-Stop 200%
Contact: 503-857-8522 primordialsoundarchives@protonmail.com
Genre: Jungle Drum and Bass


EasyBe GentleCan't you see?These Golden Light Stringsbetween usEvery time you pull awaythe edges start to frayWhy cant it be simple?
How could you make my heartescape my chestthis way?I want to lean into youbut I cant tell if it's safe.With all these constant changes...Can I love you?Can I love you?My heart is on the table,but it's not yours to break.