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Full Body Activation 528266292

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528hz- Solfeggio Frequency of Transformation, Miracles and DNA repair, this is the frequency the human body vibrates at when in good health and is also the frequency of the crystal Selenite.
266hz- Good for the Nervous System
292hz- Cell regeneration

Fun Facts and suggested usage:
Hey Ya'll! These is another exclusive release that is only available here and through my website for now. If you enjoy the sonic bath please feel free to share some love and become a subscriber to the love tribe. I was planning on releasing this track in early 2021 but got the download from spirit that I should make it available to my people sooner. I have been working with this frequency composition consistently for almost a year I wanted to make sure it was 100% safe to listen to before releasing it to the public and I also wanted to make sure it produced results. And it does! I listen to this very low as a sleep and it helps me wake up extremely rejuvenated. I also love playing it when I am taking baths and using it as a backdrop for toning and singing healing frequencies to myself. I hope you enjoy this heart offering. I really feel like people need to be working with healing frequencies right now. Much Love!
~ Treneti