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Treneti Brown | Regenerative Artist

Treneti is a multi-disciplinary regenerative artist who harnesses the apex of her creative energy through The SOUND. As a self-taught musician, vocalist, bassist, producer, and lifelong professional dancer, Treneti is a prime example of creative limitlessness found with the proper convergence of trust in the unknown and dedication. A true New Earth Renaissance woman, Treneti is a trailblazer in the new and evolutionary field of Regenerative Arts. She is the founder and CGO of Soulful Resonance an emerging Regenerative Arts Production Company and Primordial Sound Archives a Regenerative Arts Music Production company.

Born and raised in inner-city Chicago, Treneti is heavily influenced by her roots. Treneti's first path of artistic expression was professional dance: she choreographed, performed, and taught movement from 11 to 27 years old. She studied dance at Columbia College Chicago receiving a B.A. in Dance-Making in 2012. After college, she went on to develop her own technique of somatic, sonic, and psychic awareness for holistic healing called Geometric Configuration Technique, which informs her mentorship programs and choreographic process. Treneti has been activating communities with her unique style of teaching, mentorship and self-mastery guidance nationally since 2010 and internationally since 2014. She is currently most well-known for her work in holistic voice training (True Voice Embodiment) and artists development programs, (Solaris Voice Academy) and (Momentum Music Production Mentorship). Treneti thrives as a teaching artists and firmly believes are ability to articulate the lessons she learns along the creative journey to others on the path directly influences her exponential upwrd growth rate as an artist. 

“Teaching keeps me humble and connected to what is real. It’s about the journey not the destination.” -Treneti

In 2017, she went through a creative transformation stepping away from the worlds of professional dance and festival culture to deepen spiritually and artistically through the medium of music. Treneti released Inbody, her first music video, in 2018, followed by her debut album Psalms of Saturn (2020). Since then, she has released several singles, Ep's and recently, a second album A Fertile Nile (2021). To Treneti, music and dance are not separate. Treneti creates music for the body, mind, and spirit with dance always in mind. She sees her soul expression as a contribution to the reunification of the forms. 

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