I am so grateful that we were able to capture a bit of the magic from the album release ceremonial concert and make it available for the global community to receive! If you feel inspired by this kind of creative expression and want to see more content of this vibration enter the world, you can make a contribution today via the donation button below. I am currently working with my team to create music videos, plan tours and curate more ceremonial concerts. We are always grateful to receive financial support to make these dreams come true. If you would like to support us in other ways, like hosting the band for a show in your community or some other groovy high vibe offering unique to your abundance. Email me at trenetibooking@gmail.com with your ideas and offerings. Many Blessings Tribe, many Blessings! 

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Psalms Of Saturn


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Psalms Of Saturn

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Psalms (noun) - sacred song of hymn. Psalms of Saturn (noun)- 9 sacred songs carrying proverbs through cosmic and primordial rhythm & melody. These wisdom totems are empowerment, perseverance and sacred remembrance tools to aid you in weaving your living legacy of love into the tapestry of existence. Treneti received this art while journeying through her Saturn Return. Saturn is the bringer of great lessons and also great jubilee. Treneti sends these Psalms out into the world to nourish your soul and provide you the same healing energy and divine insight the Psalms provided for her. Thank you for supporting the music.

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