More than a Musician

We live in a world where labels are used to try to capture and categorize the indescribable. I live in a world where the unknown and indescribable birth into form through various artistic mediums to share messages of truth, inspiration and divine romance. Sometimes the muse speaks through me in sound currents, sometimes she speaks through movement, sometimes she speaks through visual art and other times through space holding and interpersonal communication. The common thread in all of this is language, each artistic medium is a unique language that communicates energy in a specific way that no other language can. I enjoy this dance of multi-lingual  creative expression. I enjoy delivering transmissions of divine energy in what ever form they are best received. This makes me more than a musician, this makes me a transmission artist and devotee to the muse. 


Do you allow yourself to dance with the muse freely? Or are you held in the confines of identification and qualification? 


Freedom is as freedom does. Divine expression goes where energy flows unbound.


Love, Life and Creativity,


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