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Thank you for visiting my donation page. As a rising artist it is a beautiful thing to receive support from my community to further invest in my projects, my health, stability and well-being. Thank you for expressing support for my music and visionary art by making a financial contribution today.  



I am requesting $3,183 to support my travel, housing, and creative supplies to go home to Chicago and teach songwriting and sound healing workshops to the children in the I Grow Chicago summer camp program. 

What is I grow Chicago?

I Grow Chicago is a hyper-local approach to healthy community living that is focused on building a culture of hope and helping love to live in the public. Their mission is to grow the community of Englewood from surviving to thriving through community connection, skill building, and opportunity. IGC offers several different program areas to embody their core values of kinship, audacious hope, unity, non-judgement, and the knowing, speaking and sharing of truth. The local efforts of IGC are part of a larger movement for systemic change, as the community recognizes that trauma is a result of environmental, inter-generational, and systemic harms that must be healed from the root. Their programs include mentorship & support services, restorative justice & community building, yoga & healing arts, urban farming & food access, and creative expression.  

The whole intention behind their efforts is to solve the root causes of violence and trauma. IGC does this by investing in people’s potential and nurturing the infrastructures of interdependence and connectivity-- they put neighbors back in the hood with an approach that aims to create peace for individuals and communities. Their holistic Healing Justice model combines cultural transformation, community development, and individual empowerment. Ultimately, IGC believes that when hope and peace are nurtured, we can change a life, a street, a neighborhood and a community… and then the world. 

To learn more about I Grow Chicago, click this link to visit their beautiful website and explore their many heart-centered offerings in the Englewood community.  

Why is this so important to Treneti?

This opportunity is near and dear to my heart, I was born and raised in Englewood in the 90’s and experienced first hand many of the traumas created from systemic racism and oppression. My grandmother instilled in me that if I got good enough grades I would be able to leave that environment, change my life and help our family. I followed her instructions and made it to college. I remember riding the train to college my freshman year and realizing how far I had come. I broke down in tears in that moment thinking about my childhood, all I endured and all the people in my old neighborhoods that were/are STILL enduring. I felt overwhelmed because I knew I needed to find a way to help. I knew I needed to find a way to give back. I made a vow to myself that I would and that vow has never left my heart. I still do not understand the full spectrum of how my spirit is to be of service in my homeland, but I know this is the starting point.  

With your support I will be able to afford to make this trip back to Chicago in a way that will provide safe housing and travel for my trip and allow me to bring the gift of sound healing to children who would normally not have exposure to this kind of healing art. 

A part of the fund I am raising is to allow me to purchase 30 Tibetan singing bowls from my friends in India who craft all my personal sound healing instruments. There will be 30 children in the summer camp that I will be working with and my intention is to send each of them home with their very own singing bowl so that they can have a tool to grow with, share with their families, and feel inspired by.  

This is just the beginning for me. I have been envisioning this moment for a long time. Receiving the financial support to spend time with these kids and in my old neighborhood for the purpose of progression, healing and nourishment is the greatest gift you can give to me at this time. If you truly support the black lives matter movement here is an opportunity to give back directly and to see the results of your support in action.  

Thank you in advance for seeing me and helping me make this dream come true.  

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Always in process, always making progress. ~Dream Actualizer

Always in process, always making progress. ~Dream Actualizer