"Stands Out Among the Crowd"

On September 3rd 2019 this lovely article was released reviewing my NPR tiny Desk contest video entry. I feel so grateful to have been witnessed with such clarity of spirit by this writer. <3 Check out what Ruune wrote through…


I know everyone has been feeling a lot with the global fires. I have been spending a lot of time in ceremony communing with GAIA and I have received some very clear messages.  


this a collective…

More than a Musician

We live in a world where labels are used to try to capture and categorize the indescribable. I live in a world where the unknown and indescribable birth into form through various artistic mediums to share messages of truth, inspiration…

Featured On Crown & Chakra Bright Phoenix Podcast

Findings Your Voice with The Original Technological Rhythms of the Earth with Treneti Brown


How do you find your voice and listen to the call of your own path?

How do you discern what is true for YOU? Good for…

Liberation from Suffering

OM TARE TUTTUTARE TURE SOHA- Green Tara Mantra Liberation from all suffering



May my breath be fresh like a mountain breeze

mentholated and cool as it expands in my lungs

because they are free from grief.

May my mind…