A Fertile Nile


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A Fertile Nile

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Treneti's greatest work to date. A Fertile Nile is a modern classic. With this album, Treneti has unlocked and birthed an iconic sound and genre all her own. She is pioneering the Age of Regenerative Art into existence infusing healing and planetary frequencies into her sound in a way that has never been done before. Treneti's knowledge of the subtle body sensitivities and dance allow her to create music that your body wants to receive, music your body feels nourished by. This album has it all.

A convergence of ancestral melodies, primordial rhythms, and cosmic grooves coalesce to take you on a journey through space, time, love, play, empowerment, and embodied nourishment. This music gives you space to choose how you want to receive it. You can dance, you can meditate, you can rest, work, and more to these entrancing sound waves.

Expected release: December 9, 2021

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